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Snapchat trophies are the real sign how bossy you are on Snapchat. Unlocking the basic trophies is easy but the bigger deal is to unlock all Snapchat trophies.

Here on TechPaver, we will make it easy for you by providing the list of all the Snapchat trophies and describe a detailed way to grab them all very easily.



For every milestone you hit on the app, you get a new cool trophy. These trophies can be accessed from the Snapchat camera screen by making a swipe down gesture or tapping the bitmoji (ghost) character and clicking on the trophy icon. All the locks represents the availability of new trophies yet to be found. And we are here to unveil all these locks.

The next time you meet your friends, it will be the new “Bossy You” with all the Snapchat trophies – “unlocked”.


All Snapchat Trophies [new]


“In Your Memories” trophies

Floppy DiskSave 10 Snaps to Memories
all snapchat trophiesCDSave 100 Snaps to Memories
new snapchat trophiesDVDSave 1000 Snaps to Memories
new snapchat trophyWhite CircleUpload a Story from Memories
Blue CircleCreate a story from memories
VinylSave a complete story to memories
snapchat trophyEyesSet a Snap to "My Eyes Onnly" i Memories
DetectiveSearch for a snap i Memories

Get them easily: For the White Circle trophy, long tap on a Snap in your memories and tap on the blue send button.
For the “Blue Circle” trophy, open a Snap in the memories. Long tap and then tap on the three bar menu in the top right corner and tap on create story from this snap. Similarly tap on Move to my eyes only to unlock the Detective trophy.


All Snapchat Trophies [other]



“Get Verified” trophies

snapchat trophiesEmailVerify Email address
snapchat trophiesTelephoneVerify Telephone number

Get them easily: These basic trophies are very easy to get. First you need to verify your Email address in Snapchat settings. Again in the settings, enter and verify your mobile number. Refresh Snapchat to see your first two trophies.



“Screenshot Master” trophies

Happy DevilScreenshot a Snap
Sad DevilScreenshot 10 Snaps
all snapchat trophiesRed GoblinScreenshot 50 Snaps

Get them easily: Pro Tip– Screenshot a single snap of your friend multiple times to increase the screenshot count. So you don’t have to screenshot and explain to your 50 friends that you did this to get a trophy. Refresh Snapchat to see your next three trophies.


“Get Live” trophies

RadioSubmit a snap to live/local story
Clapper boardSubmit 10 Snaps to a live/local story

Get them easily: Live/local stories are events that are happening nearby you. These are tracked by the GPS on your phone and you get an option to submit it when an event is happening. You got to keep your eyes opened for this. It appears when you are posting a Snap to your story. You will be asked to post it on local story.





“Become a Scanner” trophies

Fax MachineScan 5 Snapcodes

Get them easily: There are two ways to scan a snapcode. One, you can screenshot a code and then scan it. I like the second one in which you open a snapcode to be scanned.

It can be on a computer/mobile screen. Then point your Snapchat camera towards this code and long press the screen on your mobile phone.



“Where’s your Finger” trophies

all snapchat trophies1 FingerSend a Snap with 1 finger emoji applied
2 FingersSend a Snap with @ fingers emoji applied

Get them easily: Just click a random Snap and tap on “T” icon. Insert one finger in a snap and 2 fingers in another snap to unlock these trophies.


“Video” trophies

Video tapeSend a video Snap
Movie cameraSend 50 video Snaps
Video cameraSend 500 video Snaps


“Weather” trophies

Sun faceSend a Snap with the temperature above 100°F (38°c)
SnpwflakeSend a Snap with the temperature filter below freezing (0°c/32°F)

Get them easily: You can not trick this by keeping your phone in a refrigerator to get the snowflake trophy. Instead if you can somehow fake your GPS location, you will get them in a second. Else wait for the day! How about picking up your travelling bag?


“Front Camera” trophies

all snapchat trophiesTorchSend 10 Snaps with your front-facing flash on
OrgeSend 1,000 Snaps using the front-facing camera (selfies)
Loop onceFlip the camera once in one video Snap
snapchat trophiesLoopFlip the camera 5 times in one video Snap
RefreshFlip the camera 10 times in one video Snap

Get them easily: You don’t need to have a front flashing hardware on your mobile to get these Snapchat trophies. Just toggle to front cam mode and click on the flash button.

Your mobile screen will flash imitating a camera flash. For the other trophies, double tap on the Snapchat camera screen to toggle easily between the front and rear cam.


“Got No Category” trophies

all snapchat trophiesHear no evilSend a video snap without audio
Magnifying GlassSend 10 photo snaps entirely zoomed in
MicroscopeSend 10 video snaps using zoom
all snapchat trophiesABCDSend 100 snaps with large text font
PandaSend 50 Snaps using the black-and-white filter
Crescent MoonSend 50 Snaps using night mode
all snapchat trophiesFried EggSend a Snap between 4-5am
LollipopSend a Snap using 5 or more pen colours
RainbowSend 10 Snaps using 5 of more pen colours
Artist PaletteSend 50 Snaps using 5 or more pen colours

Get them easily: To get the Fried Egg trophy, you don’t need to wake up at 4 am. Turn off auto-update time in your phones setting and set the time to 4:10 manually. Send a snap and you have the Fried Egg trophy. For Hear no Evil trophy, tap the mute button before clicking on the send to story button.



“Snapchat Score” trophies

BabyYour Snapchat score hit 10
Gold StarYour Snapchat score hit 100
SparklesYour Snapchat score hit 1000
Shooting StarYour Snapchat score hit 10,000
ExplosionYour Snapchat score hit 50,000
RocketYour Snapchat score hit 100,000
GhostYour Snapchat score hit 500,000

Get them easily: You will think you have to wait forever for getting the Ghost trophy. NO!
Pro Tip: I have made a YouTube video tutorial on Increasing Snapchat Score very fast. Make sure to check out this super easy way to get the Ghost trophy ASAP!

To increase your snapchat score fast, here’s a detailed step-by-step article:



This shows how easy it is to unlock all Snapchat trophies. If you think that all Snapchat trophies have not been covered in this article and if you are having any issues in getting them please comment below.




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