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You are probably wondering how much money you can make by posting a picture on Instagram? Or keeping it straight – how to make money on Instagram?

“A low day on Instagram is like $600”, says Sean Duker, a fitness expert and Instagrammer.

You might be thinking how much money can your Instagram profile of 300-1000 followers make?

In US Instagram Community meeting, I met Emma, and she told me her Instagram entrepreneur story

“It all started when companies started approaching me for promoting their brands on my Instagram account. I had 360 followers back then. But the followers engagement I could get on my photos earned me my first $150 cheque. I just made sure that my photos had proper captions, hashtags and a call to action which brought in the likes and comments.”

Emma’s story clearly tells you don’t need 10M followers who you can never engage on your posts. Just 360 followers or less can do the magic.

People love Instagram. 100 million monthly active users, 75 million daily users, all accessible with hashtags, made Instagram the favorite place for marketers to advertise.

Have you ever wondered what money a single Instagram picture can make which is uploaded just for 2 hours and then deleted?


Fashion bloggers, fitness enthusiasts, cooking experts and other people famous in their niche make $450 for a picture upload. That is what advertising can make you on Instagram if you have a large number of engaged followers.

The question was, how to make money on Instagram?


Let’s begin.


You just read Emma’s Instagram entrepreneur story. She made her first $150 with just 360 followers. Emma now has 17,000 followers and makes that amount everyday with promotions on her Instagram.

Now the question is – what do brands need from you?

Answer – a strong and loyal following. Followers who like your posts, comment on it, and believe in what you say. Probably believe in what you are marketing.

How many followers do you need?

There’s no magic number for this.

360 engaging followers made Emma her $150. But a fake 100K non engaging following won’t attract any serious brand. 100K will remain just a number. Those 100K won’t help you make money on Instagram.

How will you increase your following  and keep them engaging?

Believe me, this is the easiest part. To get you along quick and easy, here are some tried and tested checks.

  • 81% of people don’t know how to properly use hashtags

    If you flood the caption with hashtags, it will do nothing but make your post non engaging. Here’s the thing about hashtags. Use hashtags that are relevant to your Instagram account, not to the particular photo.Why? Imagine you are a fitness expert and post images of your training session and nutrition diets. One day you post a picture of a cat, and use #cutecat #cat. People will follow you for cat pictures, but you generally post training pictures. So #cat hashtag is irrelevant for your account and you will not get any engagement from them.

 I have another post, which has 100 proven hashtags to increase your followers by 35% in few weeks. It has already helped over 16,000 of my visitors and here’s what one of them said:

“I carefully picked 14-15 hashtags from this list and tried using them in my posts to get followers on Instagram, and I haven’t looked back since then. My Instagram has gone from adding 10 or 15 Instagram followers per month to well over 1700. I highly recommend using hashtags from this rich list on Instagram posts.”

Make sure you don’t miss that post because hashtags are the number #1 factor increasing your followers.

  • Post at the right time. But what is the right time?

    To get a ton of followers and engagement on Instagram you need to know at what time maximum number of your followers or potential followers are online.When I started doing this, I thought 6 PM was the right time, but Instagram insights unfolded a different story. 9:00 PM was the perfect time when 83% of my followers checked their Instagram.instagram analyticsEvery picture that I now upload at 9, gets 17% more engagement that the others. And new followers come along with the stream when blended with perfect hashtags.
  • Add a ‘Call to action’

    Now here’s the deal cracker! Ask your audience to do something on your post.You can ask a question, tell them to double tap or comment or ask them to visit the link in your bio. Or better persuade them to make a purchase. A way to make money on Instagram 😉 It’s a great way to inspire your followers to engage with your account in the comments section and spend more time viewing your posts.
  • Is there anything better than posting photos?

    Videos! Really? But how? Beat Analytics studied the accounts of 11 big Instagrammers and found that photos got more views and likes than videos. But on the other side, videos got more comments, more tags. More tags means more followers and more engagement and you make money on Instagram.So for better engagement on your account, maintain a good balance between photos and videos.
  • How often you should post?
    The answer is, post regularly. Posting once or twice a day will keep the engagement intact and increase your followers.When you post regularly with proper captions and good hashtags, your Instagram posts will have high visibility. Which in turn will increase the followers and engagement.



You have learnt a lot about increasing followers. The question was – How to make money on Instagram?
Let’s roll!

  • Post an Image – Earn Upto 25% as Affiliate Commission

    How simple it would be that someone makes a product, pack it, deliver it and you get a 25% commission on it?

    Ladies and gentleman- Introducing to you – affiliate marketing. Very simple. Someone else takes all the headache and you make money on Instagram.

    If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, let me explain. It is promoting someone’s product on your account and getting a fixed amount of commission per sale.

  • Do Paid Instagram Shoutouts

    Matter of fact, everyone wants to grow their followers on Instagram but don’t know the organic way to get followers. But now you know the proper way to grow your followers, so you can take this to your advantage.

    All you have to do is to find other accounts in your niche from the discover section. DM them a request for promoting their account on yours. This is a a cool way to make money on Instagram.

  • Promote a brand

    Let’s see this from another perspective. Getting free branded clothing and accessories, photo shoots and a good amount of money. Who is going to hate this offer?

    This is what happens when you become a brand influencer. Moreover you will have a professional looking Instagram profile that will help you make money on Instagram.

    For becoming a brand influencer, just focus on one thing. Engage with your followers. Big brands will easily make you their brand influencer if you get a high number of likes and comments.

  • What can you sell on Instagram?

    Or what is your niche? What are your followers interested in?

    This is the biggest question. You will not make good sales if you are selling notebooks in your account but your followers like fashion accessories. So fashion accessories is your niche.

    Come up with exclusive fashion accessories. Price them competitively and let the sales happen.

    You can accept orders in DM, but it is good if you have a website. Having a website will make you look professional and will make you a good brand.


This was our take down on “How to make money on Instagram”. Make sure to use this guide to increase Instagram followers.

Siddharth Sharma

Siddharth Sharma

Siddharth is a tech enthusiast, social media expert and loves everything about tech. Presently writing for TechPaver based in India and doing frequent YouTube videos for TechPaver. Apart from tech, he is a caffeine addicted Mechanical engineer who loves listening to music, riding his btwin and playing Table Tennis.
Siddharth Sharma
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