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We, the people of “selfie” generation know how important is to edit our photos before posting it on social networks. And this article on 5 best photo editing apps has all that you need.

Social popularity on Instagram and Facebook is governed by good pictures mixed with filters, crops, blurs, shadows and the list is endless. Inbuilt editing features of the social network apps are useful but not optimum and choosing between thousands of best photo editing apps is really a difficult task.

And heaven has dropped you here to know about the 5 Best Photo Editing Apps. Let’s jump right into it.

All the under-listed photo editing apps are available on Android and iOS. And the best thing, you can grab them all for free. All of them solely provide utility editing and none of the crap and bloat which some applications give you.


Here are the 5 Best Photo Editing Apps



Snapseed app is developed by Google and Google lovers know what it can offer to it’s users.

It has 26 great tools and filters including image tuning, crop, rotate, perspective, white balance, brush, selective, healing, vignette, text, curves, lens blur, glamour glow, tone contrast, HDR Scape, drama, grunge, grainy film, frames and faces.


It will take you a minute or two to get familiarize with Snapseed and after that it will be the only standalone photo editing app you will ever need.



VSCO got its name from Visual Supply Co and it takes photo editing to a new height. It is basically divided into different sections- Camera, Grid, Journal and Library. So you can either click your masterpiece from VSCO cam or can import a picture from the gallery. VSCO supports editing history like desktop versions of Adobe Photoshop do.

The camera section is very minimalist. You can toggle grids, touch to focus and click a picture. That is all.

It is heavy on the filter aspect. Filters in VSCO are not just tap and apply. Filters are applied in separate layers and the end filter is the summation of the effects of all the applied filters. A history of all these operations is created and step to step undo/redo can be done.

The filters are named very conventionally as B1, B5, C5, F2 and so on to keep them non deceptive. And each filter offers you to select its intensity ranging from 0 to +12.

Plus it includes the basic features of photo correction like saturation, contrast, crop and rotate. Most of the times, these are the only features you need.

Social sharing is given a great importance in this app. You can directly share your masterpiece photo edits to Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms. It has its own photo feed equivalent to Instagram. Great professional looking photos are shared on the feed after signing into the app.

Just to keep the article readable and short, the other 3 apps are discussed on the second page. This article is very much incomplete without those 3 apps.

Make sure to check them out. Click on the next page button below:

Siddharth Sharma

Siddharth Sharma

Siddharth is a tech enthusiast, social media expert and loves everything about tech. Presently writing for TechPaver based in India and doing frequent YouTube videos for TechPaver. Apart from tech, he is a caffeine addicted Mechanical engineer who loves listening to music, riding his btwin and playing Table Tennis.
Siddharth Sharma
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